Storm DJs Questions

We spend a lot of time putting together useful articles which are aimed at fully-answering your questions and helping you before, during, and after booking a DJ and/or musician. Below you can click through to read the full articles which will hopefully answer any question you might have. Please let us know if you need any other questions answered as we would to help.

Pre-Booking General Questions

My friend wants to DJ at my party. Why shouldn’t I just use him or her?

Why should I use a DJ agency?

How much does a DJ cost (in general)?

What is an open-format DJ?

Can Storm produce a custom-made track for my event?

What are the best types of events at which to book a DJ?

Should I consider a ‘jukebox’ DJ?


After Booking Questions

What should I do in preparation for my booked DJ? How should I treat him/her?


Wedding Questions

What first dance song should I choose?

What should I ask my wedding DJ?

What should I consider when booking my wedding DJ?


Musician Questions

Why should I book a saxophonist alongside my DJ?

Why hire a violinist with my DJ?


Christmas Questions

Why should I book a DJ for my Christmas party?


DJ / Producer Questions

I’m a DJ, how can I sign up?


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