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A Hacker’s Guide: How to treat your DJ

How To Treat Your DJ

A DJ is for life, not just for your event! They’re people too and usually they’re pretty ordinary people. Just because they’re up until 4am every night and have an unhealthy obsession with vinyl, doesn’t make them any different to you and I. It’s only the crazy ones that like to wear mouse helmets or throw cakes into the crowd. Ultimately, DJs like to have a good time and provide the soundtrack for some of your most memorable (or forgettable) moments. Here are some tips on ‘How to treat your DJ’:

Make Friends

Don’t be afraid to go and chat to the DJ, they won’t bite. Well, i’ve heard some pretty weird stories about Sven Väth but I think you’ll be safe with the Storm DJs roster. Tell them how much better they are than any DJ you’ve seen before, follow them Instagram and ask for a business card, DJs love a bit of ego-boosting. After a chat about Wayne Rooney’s recent dip in form or Trump’s latest scandal, you’ll have formed a bond with the DJ who will be more likely to play your requests.

Making Successful Requests

Obviously everyone is there to have fun and show off their best dance moves so DJs are happy to take requests but remember, they know what songs work in the right environments – they are professionals. You wouldn’t tell a mechanic how to fix your car. Also, alcohol doesn’t make you an expert on music. Once you’ve had three Tequila slammers and two Jägerbombs you’ll be desperate to hear your favourite sing-along, but guess what, Wonderwall doesn’t work at every party.

Get Drinks & Food

They will need a drink or toilet break at some point – throughout the work day how many tea runs will you force the intern to make, how many times will you dip into your emergency stash of Hobnobs or how many times will you conveniently head to the toilet when you know a particularly difficult client is about to call the office? My point is, DJs are still humans and will need to take in (and get rid of) some liquid. Be kind. Offer them a beer.

Schoolboy/girl Errors

Compose yourself before approaching the DJ, spilling drinks over equipment and ruining the party for everyone is not a good move. Get the DJ’s attention before taking a selfie with them – you don’t want to blind them with a surprising flash (from the camera!). Also, just because you see your ex dancing with their new partner, that doesn’t give you the right to grab the mic and start telling everyone how bad they are in bed!

The Storm DJs roster all love a chat and will be happy to take requests, just be aware that these guys and gals know what they’re doing, so if they don’t play one of your songs then it’s probably because it doesn’t fit the mood of the party, and not because they have a vendetta against you.

To summarise, treat your DJ the way you’d treat a cat; keep them well fed, make them feel special and give them space when they need it.

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