The Best 9 Types of Events For DJs

Ever wondered whether your event would work well with the inclusion of a DJ? Look no further. We have compiled the definitive list of events for DJs, the event-types which work best with DJs. We’ve also added in our real-life photos from each type of event.

1. The Corporate Drinks

Storm DJs - Corporat DJ Hire - London Film Museum

When companies want to have a night-out with employees to celebrate a particular company-related result they sometimes consider the use of a DJ who can cater to their particular musical requirements.

2. The Store Event

In-Store DJs - Adidas London DJ Hire - Storm

Shops love what an in-store DJ can do for sales by adding an extra layer of entertainment to people’s shopping experience. It be particularly useful when the store wants to promote a new product or service.

3. The Wedding

Wedding DJ Hire London - Storm DJs

Yes it’s a cliché, but what would a wedding be without a DJ to put together a mix for the bride, groom, and the guests of all ages? A DJ is almost a necessity these days unless the party has opted for a band or two.

4. The Christmas Party

Storm DJs - Corporate Events DJ Hire London

Quality DJs for Christmas parties always go down well. The majority of such bookings are for large corporates who want to see their staff dancing away to celebrate the end of the calendar year, but DJs also add something extra to private Xmas gatherings.

5. The Birthday

Birthday DJ Hire with Saxophonist - Storm DJs

Having sent our DJs and saxophonists out to many a birthday party (everything from 14th to 60th), the demand for this type of entertainment to spice up the once-in-a-lifetime celebrations continues.

6. The Marketing Stunt

In-Store DJs - DJ Hire London - Storm

Sticking a DJ on top of a pile of beers or other such random brand-related events can seriously strengthen the brand and have a significant effect on future sales. The more the random the event, the more it will be remembered.

7. The House Party

House Party DJ Hire London - Storm DJs

For those of us who want a house-party to remember, the inclusion of a professional DJ can be the cherry on the cake. Replacing the iPod with a real person gives the event genuine energy and personality.

8. The New Year’s Eve Celebrations

DJ Hire for Balls Celebrations Graduation - Storm DJs

New Year’s Eve is perhaps the one key night for DJs to be added to any given event. It certainly is the hardest time to find a last-minute DJ as it is by far the most popular night of the year for DJs.

9. The Graduation Ball

Graduation Ball DJ Hire - Storm DJs London

When students or scholars finish up the year of hard-work they enjoy nothing less than a good old party, and the inclusion of a DJ generally makes the gig more memorable.

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