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What is an Open-Format DJ?

What is an Open-Format DJ?

An Open-Format DJ (or Multi-Genre DJ) is a DJ who will perform a mix (or set) based upon any given format of music.

He or she will perform any of the below:

  1. Any one specific genre of music that you request;
  2. Several types of music chosen by you; or
  3. A mix of genres of the DJ’s choosing – for those who would rather leave the music selection in the hands of the expert!

Example one 

If you wanted a DJ to only play House; Kazakh-Electro-Swing; Post-Modern 60s Rock; or simply 1990s Electro-Grunge, an Open-Format DJ would be perfect.

Example two

When you love all the genres listed in example one and don’t want to limit yourself to only Post-Modern 60s Rock (for example), an Open-Format DJ can be relied upon to blend the lot seamlessly and with flair!

Example three

Finally, for those times when the brief is very generic (think Pop“, “Music people will dance to“, or “stuff which just works…”), or if the crowd consists of people with different, or no defined music taste, an Open-Format DJ will know intuitively how to keep dance floor rocking.

We have a multitude of Open Format DJs on our roster, who are available for most types of private and corporate events. They have a wealth of experience of playing to every size and type of crowd; boast incredibly large music libraries; and can easily adapt their set according to the brief (and requests).

To browse our Open-Format DJs, please head over to our Roster page, where you can simply click the ‘Open Format’ button to filter the results.

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