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5 Reasons to Book a DJ alongside a Saxophonist for your Wedding

Here are 5 reasons why it is definitely worth booking a saxophonist alongside a DJ at your wedding.

  1. EVERYONE has a DJ or a live band at their wedding. Consequently, it’s about as fresh, exciting and memorable as a packet of Walker’s Ready Salted. You don’t want Walker’s Ready Salted, you want Beetroot with horseradish… something that gets people tuned in and wired, that captures attention and imaginations… You want your wedding to be THE wedding that your friends are still talking about months and years down the line (not one of the very many that blur hazily into the background for any late twenty- or early thirty-something attending 5+ weddings per year!)
  2. It’s a very cool sound. People LOVE it and the public are catching on having perhaps encountered live saxophonists in exclusive clubs and at festivals. Luckily for you, though, it is still a fairly new concept so we can be pretty confident you won’t go to many (or any!) other weddings this year with the same soundtrack.
  3. Entertainment is important and deserves to be prioritised. After all, you probably spend months deliberating over every aspect of the venue, food, accessories and even invitations. Often music becomes something of an after-thought – which is strange given that it’s petty much what drives the occasion; creates the mood; gets people up dancing and having fun. Why not do something a bit special?
  4. Want a DJ to get people on the dance floor but just love live music? Hiring a DJ + sax is the perfect means of merging the two. Our saxophonists (and other musicians) are not only extremely talented, but also well versed in the art of accompanying (essentially ad-libbing over the top of) the DJ. And this is possible with any genre of music – from the deepest of house music through light summery Ibiza chillout stuff to the cheesiest of cheesy commercial chart. Most of them have worked with many of our DJs previously, and we are always happy to recommend an excellent pairing.
  5. Great, but what will all this cost me? Probably not as much as you think. A saxophonist will generally play for a maximum of 3 hours (by which time they probably don’t have much breath left – they really do put their hearts and souls into each and every performance!) and this will set you back approximately £330. That pretty much equates to the average spend on wedding stationery. Amazing music and entertainment, or invitations – which will you look back on with the fondest of memories, and which will your guests thank you for?! So here’s a thought if budget’s tight: skip the fancy invites that end up in the bin, and make your own or use funky postcards. Then get yourself a saxophonist (if only for the night).

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