Certified DJ Training To Push You Further.

Experience the ultimate DJ training course, crafted by industry professionals. Become a skilled DJ in no time with our award-winning DJ training program in collaboration with DJ Chewtorials.

Not only will you learn how to mix and like a pro, but you will also have the opportunity to leapfrog the rest and join the official Storm DJs® roster.

Certified DJ Training: Unlocking the Potential of DJing


carry Out The Training

Sign up and carry out the no-nonsense online DJ course which covers professional DJing.


Get Certified

Most online DJ courses do not come with any certification, meaning you've got nothing to prove you've been trained.


Join The Roster

Certification means you've passed the tests, and it will be a lot easier to join the Storm DJs agency roster.

We are Storm DJs®

Storm DJs are the UK’s biggest and best DJ agency, providing DJs to quality events around the UK and abroad.

Storm DJs Premium DJ Training offers professional DJ school training for anyone who wants to learn to DJ, or refine their current skill set.

Every certified DJ who has passed our DJ training then has the chance of becoming a part of the Storm DJs agency roster.

We offer one simple, but exclusive package created by DJ Chewtorials which includes training and certification.

Mark Tew - The Mind-Blowing Tutor from DJ Chewtorials

Mark Tew is an exceptional DJ tutor and teacher with over two decades of experience in the music industry. His background as a club and mobile DJ, as well as his BSc Hons degree in sound engineering, has equipped him with an extensive knowledge of the craft.

During lockdown, Mark founded DJ Chewtorials, a company that provides coaching and mentoring services to DJs of all levels. His passion for helping others succeed is evident in his commitment to guiding aspiring DJs towards achieving their dreams.

Mark Tew is hands-down a truly remarkable tutor and teacher who takes pride in seeing his students succeed, even in the face of adversity.

Unleashing the Epic Potential of Our DJ Course: A Preview of What's Inside

Remarkable DJs who have become a part of our roster

“Now that I'm on the roster, Storm DJs has given me an incredible number of gigs to perform at.”
“Being trained and certified meant that along with learning everything I need to know I was easily able to jump the queue and get managed.”
“Training that actually gets you somewhere. A million times better than a YouTube video because of what happens after!”


Our most frequently asked questions about our DJ training and certification programme is below.

Sign up now here, or get in touch with any questions using the email [email protected]

Your immediate benefits from our training:

  1. Knowledge
    With real-world experience from working DJs, you gain in-depth knowledge of how to actually DJ like a pro.
  2. Expertise
    You benefit from our DJ tutor’s unrivalled DJ expertise, and have access to exclusive training materials not available elsewhere.
  3. Behind the scenes
    You find out what actually goes on behind the decks.
  4. Empowerment
    Let the expert DJs behind the UK’s best agency inspire and empower you to turn your dreams into reality.

The Storm DJs training course is taught online by the award-winning Mark Tew of DJ Chewtorials.

This is online training, so we offer it anywhere – virtually.

Instantly! As soon as you sign up.

It means you will be tested at the end of the course, and if you pass the test then you receive your certification to prove that you have done so.

The specific equipment used to demonstrate varies but includes most variations of digital controllers and as such CDJs.

There are no guarantees of joining the roster, however your certification gained will fast-forward the process and increase your chances. Not only does it prove you have the technical skill, but also shows your seriousness in preparation to join.

External training helps your application, but this is the only certified route.

It is training and certification taught by one of the UK’s most acclaimed DJ tutors, and a unique way to potentially become a part of the UK’s best DJ agency: Storm DJs.

Yes, just select Klarna instead of Card when you sign up, then you will be shown the payment plan options.