Storm DJs Premium DJ Training with LSA offers professional training for anyone who wants to learn how to DJ.

We are now partnered with London Sound Academy to offer exclusive rate DJ workshop lessons and more from the UK’s best DJ training company.

To immediately see the courses available just head over to the LSA site. The exclusive discount code to use will show on this page.

Once your training with London Sound Academy is complete then we will consider you for our roster.

Your immediate benefits

  • Knowledge

    You gain in-depth knowledge of how to DJ.

  • Expertise

    You benefit from our unrivalled DJ expertise.

  • Behind the scenes

    You find out what actually goes on behind the decks.

  • Empowerment

    Let the expert DJs behind the UK’s best agency inspire and empower you to turn your dreams into reality.


Our most frequently asked questions about our DJ training programmes are below.