The Storm DJs Story

Storm DJs was conceptualised and founded way back in 2011 by Adam McGlue. A few driving factors led to the company being created:

Adam was a part-time DJ having played in numerous global venues over the space of 12 years, and had quite a few DJ friends and contacts. Therefore his passion for the art of DJing was well-established and he had a great team to kick things off.

As a corporate worker before founding Storm DJs, he had experienced life as a guest at many events around the country. More often than not, there was a DJ in the form of an ageing, overweight, white bald man, who loved the sound of his own voice. (He now refers to this concept as “Barry’s Mobile Disco”, or BMD). The level of cringeworthiness was so high, that Adam would often feel his corporate canapés coming back up whenever he attended such an event. He was ready to tackle this, and put together a diverse team of young DJs who focussed on the music and the audience.

Having seen the way BMD businesses usually operated and marketed themselves to clients (generally similar to tradesmen) he knew there was a definite need for more professionalism in this space.

Today Storm DJs stands strong as the number one DJ agency in the UK for quality DJ hire around the country and abroad. We stand out from the rest in the following ways:

The People: We are staffed by professionals who are all focussed on our key service: the DJs. Our DJs are treated as people, not commodities. We do not employ people who are selling any old service.

The Service: We provide the perfect soundtrack for your personally-organised event through the use of highly-motivated and skilled people. We do not treat our customers, staff, or DJs as disposable objects. Additionally we are not a generic ‘service-marketplace’ for tradespeople such as Bark who attempt to be everything to everyone without any people-focussed support.

The Platform: We strive to provide everything related to our DJs and accompanying musicians for you, our clients. We do not provide things which do not relate to our service. If you hire a photo booth from a DJ, you might want to question whether the DJ you are hiring is actually focussed on music.

Transparency & Efficiency: Through our pricing tools we are the most transparent DJ company when it comes to hire pricing. We do not add on surprise extras such as petrol or VAT, and all pricing is shown instantly meaning there is no waiting around for quotes.

Professionalism & UK-base: We are headquartered in London, and as such we pay all our dues to the UK government. We do not divert our tax payments abroad and as such support our UK economy. Additionally, not being a BMD means that all payments are above board and VAT is accounted for!

What is Storm DJs?

Storm DJs is the number one DJ agency for UK and international hire. Let our elite DJs and Musicians provide the soundtrack for your bespoke corporate or private event. We use professional, in-demand DJs, top-end mixing equipment, and high definition sound systems.

We offer DJs as well as accompanying live saxophonists, violinists, and drummers each with a vast amount of musical experience, to create the best atmosphere and feeling for any given event.

Whether your key sports brand needs a high-energy dramatic soundtrack for a high-profile product launch; whether your big fashion name needs an elegant, refined, and sexy sound to accompany a store opening; or whether your bar simply needs a new and reliable resident DJ we step forward and create a bespoke solution.

We pride ourselves in our performance excellence during the event, and high service levels before, during, and after the event. This make us very much stand out from the crowd, and we happily perform at every type of event and location: bars, clubs, weddings, promotions, gigs, parties, birthdays, gatherings and shows.

The Team

Adam McGlue


Location: London/Norwich

Josh Matthews

Bookings & DJ Manager

Location: London/Tunbridge Wells

Luke Sorensen - Storm DJs Agency - Client Relationship Manager

Luke Sorensen

Client Relationship Manager

Location: London/Sydney

Harriet Roessler

Customer Support & Marketing Manager

Location: Norwich

The DJs

Soundtrack Creators

Location: UK-wide

Where is Storm DJs?

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