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5 Reasons To Use A Professional DJ

5 Reasons To Use A Pro and Not Your Mate

It seems nowadays everyone has a friend who can DJ (or says they can!) but when you’re hosting the party of the year, you need assurance that your DJ is going to fill the dance floor and not send the guests rushing for the exit.

For your party to be a guaranteed success, you need top quality entertainment and our roster is full of talented musicians who will play at your bar mitzvah, Christmas party, wedding, store opening, product launch, fashion show or whatever reason you make up to have a party! Here’s five reasons why hiring a professional DJ is the way to go rather giving your best mate’s brother a spin on the decks.

This is their job, they do it for a living, they know what they’re doing. Our DJs have a minimum of five years experience, and I know your buddy recently financed some CDJs, but seriously, there’s a big difference between playing a set in your bedroom while the cat jumps on your laptop and playing to a full venue on New Year’s Eve. Professional DJs are organised and prepared for any situation; no need to worry about headphone breakages, lost USBs or the inevitable drink spillage – they’ll have it covered.  

Our artists agree to set up equipment at least 30 minutes before their designated start time. You don’t need to worry about your cousins Uber getting lost on the way to the venue leaving you DJ-less. We find the perfect DJ for your event, they meet your specific needs and are open to interaction with guests. There’s nothing more destructive to a party atmosphere than seeing the DJ scrolling through their Facebook timeline, more interested in posting selfies of themselves DJing than actually DJing.

We only work with the best acts and top quality equipment. You don’t want someone struggling to set up their decks on a sound system they’ve never used or be unable to play their tracks because they haven’t run their files through Rekordbox (DJs can be a bit geeky!). Using an agency means there’s always a backup plan; if for any reason the artist is unable to perform we will find the perfect replacement. But what can you do if your cousin is still hungover from the night before and doesn’t want to play? Put on a Spotify playlist? Great party…

Music Choice
Playing for years requires building up a huge collection of tracks to fit any scenario – not just Aunty Susan’s favourite Bruno Mars songs ripped off YouTube. Open format (multi-genre) DJs allow for flexibility throughout their sets and won’t be restricted by just one genre, they’ll have something for everyone. Most professional DJs perform on controllers and use Beatport or Juno to download their music so you’ll only hear the best quality music – no white noise, no feedback and no copyright talking over the top.

Not only is it their job, it’s their passion – they want to perform well and get everyone up and dancing. There’s no better feeling than seeing the dance floor full, playing tracks that will have grandparents and grandchildren busting moves (and hopefully not hips!) together. And there’s no denying it, DJs tend to have quite big egos so they are keen to impress and build up a credible reputation. Whereas, the guy you bumped in to down the pub who claims he once warmed up for Goldie in ’96 isn’t going to be bothered if he doesn’t get repeat customers.  

“All the gear and no idea” springs to mind when someone suggests they can DJ at a party, especially when all they want in return is a couple of free beers! You may have to pay a bit more than that for a professional DJ but at least they’ll have the place pumping.

For more information on any of our DJs, check out the roster and browse their profiles where you’ll find information about their past gigs and examples of their current music.


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