Storm DJs® Giveaways

October 2021

Win the Ultimate DJ Equipment,
Dream Tech, or Cash!

Storm DJs® Exclusive Monthly DJ Giveaways Competition.

We create Monthly DJ Winners.

5 incredible prize options to choose from:

3 high-end DJ bundles, a Dream Tech setup, or Cash!

You could take home £6,000 of amazing equipment or £5,000 of tax-free cash.

Enter now to stand a chance to win in this incredible competition from the UK's best event DJ agency.

How does it work?

How much has been won so far?

£6500 of prizes awarded
(Feb to Sept 2021)

This month's competition (October)

Choose Your Prize Option:


RRP £6,000

Win The Ultimate Pro CDJ & Mixer DJ Setup

2 x Pioneer CDJ3000 Decks
1 x Allen & Heath XONE:DB4 Mixer

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RRP £6,000

Win The Ultimate Vinyl DJ Setup

2 x Technics SL-1210 MK7
1 x Pioneer DJM-S11 Mixer
1 x MacBook Pro 2020 13 Inch
2 x KRK Rokit RP8 G4 Speakers
1 x Humpter MOVE WD DJ Stand

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RRP £6,000

Win The Everything DJ Bundle

1 x Denon Prime 4 Controller
2 x Pioneer PLX1000 Decks
1 x Alto 8,000W PA System

1 x Ableton Live Studio Software
1 x Akai MPK Mini Mk3
1 x Novation Launchpad Mini Mk3
1 x Sennheiser HD25 Headphones
2 x Phase Adapters

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RRP £5,900

Win The Ultimate Apple Tech Bundle

1 x MacBook Pro 16" 1TB
1 x iPhone 13 Pro 0.5TB
1 x iPad Pro 12.9" 0.5TB
1 x Apple Watch 6 Cellular

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Win £5K CASH

1 x £5,000GBP

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Past Winners


Allan Barwise from Liverpool won the Ultimate CDJ Package:
2 x CDJ3000s & a DJM9000NXS


Shane Wilson from Birmingham won the Ultimate CDJ Package:
2 x CDJ3000s & a DJM9000NXS


Clay Woodham from Surrey won the Ultimate CDJ Package:
2 x CDJ3000 & a DJM900NXS2


Lee Bailey from Leeds
won the Ultimate CDJ Package:
2 x Pioneer CDJ3000 & a DJM900NXS2.

Storm DJs May Competition Winner - Lee Bailey - CDJ3000 & DJM900NXS2 (1)

John Vyse from Norfolk
won the Ultimate CDJ Package:
2 x Pioneer CDJ3000 & a Pioneer DJM900NXS2.


Mike Allder from Reading
won the Ultimate CDJ Package:
2 Pioneer CDJ3000 & a Pioneer DJM900NXS2.

Mike Allder - Storm DJs Competition Winner July 2021 - CDJ3000 (1)

Ming Bi from Bristol
won the Ultimate CDJ Package:
2 Pioneer CDJ3000 & a Pioneer DJM900NXS2.


Dean Conroy from Northern Ireland won the Ultimate CDJ Package:
2 Pioneer CDJ3000 & an Allen & Heath XONE:DB4.

Dean Conroy - Storm DJs September 2021 Winner

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Choose from 1-30 Entries

Increase your chances of winning with a higher number of entries.

Over 5, 10, 20 & 25 entries lowers the price per entry by up to 50%!

You are paying just £1.00 per entry!
(before further discounts!)

You are paying just £1.25 per entry!
(before further discounts!)

You are paying just £1.50 per entry!
(before further discounts!)

You are paying £1.75 per entry!
(before further discounts!)

**Bonus: You are entered into a separate draw to win a pair of Sennheiser HD25 DJ headphones!**

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How do I enter the Storm DJs Giveaways Competition?

It's easier than you think, and probably the most simple entry around. Just fill in the form: choose how many entries you want; select which prize you would like to win; and answer the question.

How much have you given away so far?

Excluding September (yet to be awarded), we have now reached £52,480. That is made up of 16 x Pioneer CDJ3000 (retail £2,250 each); 7 x Pioneer DJM900NXS2 (retail £2,000 each); 1 x Allen & Heath XONE:DB4 (retail £1,700); 6 x Sennheiser HD25 (retail £130 each).

What is the answer to the question?

You will need to find out. To learn more about CDJs, see here.

How many entries should I get?

That's up to you. The more entries, the better chance you have of a win. If you get over 30 you will also be automatically entered into a bonus draw to win a pair of Sennheiser HD25 DJ headphones.

When does the DJ giveaway close?

The competition closes at the end of each month. I.e. midnight of the last calendar day of the given month.

Is it really only £2 to enter?

Yes if you want just one entry it will cost you £2. However, at various stages during each month the entry price may rise up to £4.

Where can I watch the live draw?

The live draw is held live on Tiktok two days after the monthly competition closes. Our Tiktok link is here.

Why should I enter a giveaway competition through Storm DJs?

If you want to be in with a genuine chance to win an incredible DJ setup or tech bundle, then you are in the right place.

We are Storm DJs®, the UK's best event DJ agency, established in 2011. We are not a random company you have never heard of, nor a kid running a scam from his bedroom. We are professional, serious, have provided DJs around the UK and the world to hundreds of large companies such as Google, Amazon, Deloitte, and as such we have real DJ prizes in our competitions.

How many past-winners have there been?

There have been 7 genuine past winners, with September's yet to be announced. February: Allan Barwise (Liverpool); March: Mark Wilson (Birmingham); April: Clay Woodham (Surrey); May: Lee Bailey (Leeds); June: John Vyse (Norfolk); July: Mike Allder (Reading); August: Ming Bi (Bristol); September: Dean Conroy (Northern Ireland).

How many times can I enter?

You can enter as many times as you want, giving you an even better chance of winning. However we limit each transaction to a maximum of 30 entries. (The average number of entries per participant is currently 9).

When can I find out if I won?

The winner will be contacted using the contact details provided. The list of winners will also be available for information up to 1 month after the competition has ended.

What are the odds of winning?

This all depends on how many entries you have bought (more entries = better odds). Rest assured the odds are significantly higher than lotteries; free competitions; and giveaways where you can win prizes luxury cars or houses.

How soon will I receive my prize if I win?

If in stock (assuming no Brexit/pandemic/parts delays), your prize will be dispatched the week after the competition winner has been announced.

Can I take part of I am located outside the UK?

Yes. Get in touch if you have questions about your territory.

Is this one competition with the choice of 5 prizes?

Yes. One winner will be drawn, and his/her prize selection will be awarded.

Are there any runner-up prizes?

There are 10 runners up every month. They each get 10 free entries into the following month's competition.

If I enter for all 5 prize options and win the competition, which prize option do I win?

Each entry has a unique number, and that number has a prize choice on it. If one of your entries is drawn you will win the prize choice associated with that entry number. There will be one prize option awarded to one lucky winner.

Why did so many of the past-winners win the most expensive £6.5K prize option?

The ticket selection is random, so chance is the only explanation. Prize option 1 has always been the most chosen prize option.

Is payment secure?

Yes definitely: We use fully-encrypted Visa and Mastercard debit and credit card payments using Trust Payments and 3D Secure to ensure rock solid transactions.

If the live streaming of the draw is cut off due to any technical reason, meaning no-one is able to view and witness the draw, then will the draw count?

No. For it to be a valid live draw, it must occur live and be visible to a non-restricted public audience. This occurred in the July draw where the Tiktok stream had a technical fault meaning the winner draw procedure was not visible to anyone. The draw was reset and repeated once the stream was fixed.

Why can't I use Paypal?

Paypal does not accept transactions related to skill-based competitions (they do make exceptions for some organisations but not Storm yet unfortunately).

When do you send my unique entry/ticket numbers once I've entered?

The day after the competition closes we email out your numbers.

How often do you update the number of entrants figure on here?

Usually once a day. Unfortunately it is not automated.

If I win, will you include my photo in future advertising material?


Do you have any free competitions?

We do. We are currently giving away a pair of headphones here.

Can I enter this competition for free?

You can enter for free using the postal option. Please click here for more details.

Where do I find a discount code?

We have shared discount codes on various social platforms, and they are also emailed to past entrants.


Please email [email protected] with any queries relating to our DJ giveaways and competitions. If your question is deemed useful, and unanswered in our FAQ above then we will add it to the list to share with others.