The Ambitronic Sound of Tim Angrave | Storm DJs Podcast Episode 32

In our 32nd Storm DJs Podcast interview, DJ and producer Tim Angrave discusses his style, influences, and equipment. He describes his style as a crossover of ambient and electronic music, which he calls ‘ambitronic.’ He mentions influential artists like Sasha, Digweed, and Carl Cox; and talks about his preferred equipment, including Traktor and Native Instruments. He also discusses the impact of AI on the music industry and believes that there will always be a human element in music production and live performances. Tim shares his experience during the pandemic, where he focused on making music and producing his podcast. Tim Angrave discusses his own successful podcast, his collaborations with other artists, and his love for Ibiza. He also shares some memorable moments and experiences from his time in the music industry.

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DJ Tim Angrave - Storm DJs Podcast ep32 (1)
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