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Why Hire a Violinist with a DJ

Why hire a violinist with a DJ at your event? Solo musician accompaniment to a DJ set is a fantastic idea to add extra musical spice and increase audience involvement and appreciation. In a similar way to a saxophonist or percussionist, violin players are able to compose an additional layer of melodic magic to add to the DJ’s mixes. In-line with current trends, driven very much by the success of bands such as Clean Bandit, the popularisation of violins also means that audiences now have more appreciation of the instrument. Indeed over the last few years the violin has also become a key ingredient on Ibizan dance-floors and other key clubbing locations worldwide.

Below are a few snaps from CarFest 2014 (Citroen) where we had 2 violinists (Marie-Anne Bruccheri, and Naomi Tagg) accompanying our DJ. The musicians managed to create a fantastic energetic atmosphere around the car stand, attracting more visitors to watch them in action.

DJ with Violinist - CarFest - Storm DJs Hire AgencyDJ with Violinist - CarFest - Storm DJs Hire AgencyDJ with Violinist - CarFest - Storm DJs Hire Agency















Storm DJs is a quality DJ agency and hire solution which sources quality DJs as well as musician accompaniment such as violinists, saxophonists, percussionists, and more.


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