Enhance Your Event: Combine a Violinist with a DJ

Explore the unique ambiance a violinist with DJ creates at your event. This combination provides a distinctive musical experience that boosts audience engagement and enjoyment. Similar to the addition of a saxophonist or percussionist, a violinist such as Enrika or Jessie-May adds a new layer of melody that complements the DJ’s mixes seamlessly.

Recent trends, bolstered by bands like Clean Bandit, have brought violins into the spotlight, increasing audience appreciation for this classical instrument in modern settings. This trend has been embraced on dance floors in Ibiza and other popular clubbing venues worldwide.

Some photos from our events:

Storm DJs at Groundsure Summer Party with Violinist Duo Duet

Your Ideal Choice for a Violinist with DJ

Pairing a violinist with a DJ introduces a touch of class and sophistication, making your event stand out. The blend of electronic beats with the unique strings of a violin creates a harmonic balance that keeps your guests entertained throughout​​. The romantic sound of a violin is particularly appealing for corporate events as well as wedding ceremonies and receptions​.

The cost of hiring a violinist alongside the DJ for your event depends on factors like booking length, venue location, and the time of year​​.

Our winning Violin and DJ combos offer a perfect blend of live music for the early part of your event and upbeat dance music for later on, ensuring everyone has a memorable time​.

Storm DJs is your go-to DJ agency and hire solution, providing quality DJs along with musician accompaniment like a violinist with a DJ to ensure your event has a vibrant and enjoyable musical backdrop that resonates well with modern audiences.

Violinist With DJ Hire - Storm DJs Agency London
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