Book a Real DJ, Not Just a Jukebox DJ

TRUST US: You want a REAL DJ at your event, not just a jukebox DJ.  And don’t get the two confused!

When hosting a party these days, it might be tempting to stick on a Spotify playlist around the house sound system. After all, that’s the cheapest solution and may appear the easiest.

But, it is impossible to deny the list of advantages gleaned from having a real, talented and musically-minded DJ on site:

An outstanding event: a DJ will instantly increase the credibility of an event, giving a polished, professional, party vibe tailored to your guest list. Once we reach our 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond we don’t want to be putting on an event that feels like a student house-party!

Human presence: we have not yet reached the point where we have human-like robots able to realistically and interactively entertain (not outside of the “Humans” set, in any case).

Flexibility and adaptability: true DJs are able to work with the audience and adapt their performance according to the activity, mood, and flow. Perhaps smart IT systems will get better at this into the future, but in the meantime the human DJ still wins.

Creation of a true DJ set: sure, the playlists generated through various streaming sites will often “do the job”, but they are usually about as well presented as a “Now” CD and for a special event just won’t cut it. Equally, the “Barry’s Mobile Disco”s of this world (the sort of DJs that get thrown in as part of the package when booking your wedding venue, for instance) are to be avoided at all costs. This type of outfit will plug in and hit play – in other words, they’ll do what you could do yourself with Spotify or iTunes, but charge you a few hundred quid for the privilege. Surely a lose-lose situation!

The art of mixing: today’s DJs use technology to help them create some incredible mixes and mash-ups, as well as using the older vinyl-based techniques of beat-matching to mix seamlessly.

It has to be said that sometimes the two concepts get confused. Our DJs have reported back to us that, from time to time, an audience member (usually off-balance) will approach the DJ to tell him or her that they must play a particular song, at a particular time. This is a classic case of a member of the audience mistaking the human DJ for an electronic jukebox(!)

If you want to book a real DJ, rather than a DJ Jukebox please get in touch today.

Book a Real DJ not just a Jukebox - Storm DJ agency
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