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Instant DJ Price Calculator

Ever wondered how to get an instant DJ hire cost? Usually hiring a DJ involves endlessly asking various companies for quotes to find out how much a DJ will actually cost, then finding out that there are ‘extra’ fees incurred for travel and so on. This is in contrast to having a simple standard listed price in front you.

We have disrupted the traditional market by being completely transparent with our costs showing you clearly how much each element of the DJ booking costs. Our calculator instantly shows how the pricing varies according to performance time; event location; date; equipment hire; and the addition of any extras such as a live percussionist or saxophonist.

Event type
Do you need a DJ for a Private event (wedding, birthday, party etc), a Corporate event (for a company/brand), or Other (bar or club residency, festival etc)?
Private Corporate Other
When is your event? (If you are not sure yet, select an estimate).
Performance length (Hours)
How many hours do you need your DJ to play?

Approx Distance from Central London (Miles)
How many miles from central London is your event? Just give us an estimate.
0-30 30-60 60-100 100-200 200-400 400+
Equipment Required
What equipment do you need to hire, if any? Decks & Mixer are the DJ equipment, PA Speakers are the sound system.
DJ Request (optional)
Do you want to request a particular DJ? Browse All DJs or The Roster Grid to see the options. *The calculator does not apply to Premium, Legendary or Celebrity DJs

Need extras? A live musician to accompany your DJ (Saxophonist, Percussionist, Violinist)? A full audio recording of your DJ performance to keep after the event? Would you prefer your DJ to use old-school vinyl turntables instead of a standard controller?
On Off
Pro Saxophonist
Pro Drummer / Percussionist
Pro Violinist
Audio Recording of performance
Original Vinyl Turntables
Total Cost
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