8 Things to Think About when Choosing your Wedding DJ


storm djs - why choose a wedding dj

No matter what type of wedding you are having, there’s no denying that music will play a crucial role. Choosing the right DJ for your wedding can be difficult: Make the right decision by testing the mettle of any potential supplier in these 8 key areas.

Here’s how Storm DJs positions itself firmly ahead of the competition…

1. Clients, experience, reputation

Storm DJs are the renowned, musical mood-creator for high-calibre events. We have been offering bespoke, exclusive DJ solutions for private parties and functions, many very exclusive, for the last 5 years. We feel privileged that hundreds of brides and grooms have entrusted us with creating their wedding soundtrack.

A skilled and in-demand DJ, like any true performer, won’t only be playing at weddings. Storm DJs regularly supplies DJs to sporting events, festivals, launches, fashion shows and openings to name a few examples. Past clients include Samsung, EE, Adidas, Nike, L’Occitane, Hobbs, Ben&Jerrys, Google, Accenture, Renault, Citroen, KIA, the Epsom Derby, Goodwood, the Dorchester, Hilton Hotels, The Saatchi Gallery, London Fashion Week, the list goes on…

2. Skill!

Anyone can stick on a Spotify playlist: you don’t need a DJ for that. If you’re after seamless blending & mixing; creative mash-ups; an intuitive capacity to pick the right song at the right time; and an evolution of sound over the course of the evening, Storm DJs will deliver (and then some). Many of our DJs produce music too. Check out the mixes/demos available on each DJ’s designated page. Further audios/visuals are available on request for all DJs. Don’t forget to have a peek at their social media and Soundcloud bios, too, if you still need convincing!

3. Genre & style choice. Finding the right “fit”

We have one impressive roster, with 35 core standard & premium DJs; an extensive referral network; and a growing number of internationally renowned names on our books (for bigger budgets or those looking for that extra Wow factor).

We can cater for anything. For weddings, we will generally be asked for a set on the commercial/pop/dance/r&b/old school classics-spectrum, but there really is no limit: we did a Bavarian Boomtown gig the other week! Please see our website for sample mixes if you’re looking either for inspiration, or to hear a particular DJ in action.

The DJs on our website are conveniently sorted by genre (and by gender, with photos), so finding the right person is easy. We are more than happy to guide you and provide our recommendations based on the brief, and will do this as a matter of course if you don’t have any particular request(s).

We are often asked how big our music library is and the simply answer is, endless. Huge and ever-expanding! If we don’t have what you ask for (rare), we get it, at no extra cost to you.

4. Tracklists and requests

You need a DJ who will listen! It’s your wedding, your music, you decide. Some clients want to prescribe everything – a playlist of 50+ tracks – and that’s fine. In these situations, it’s down to the DJ to find the perfect order for those requests; ensure the right evolution of tracks over the evening; and demonstrate skilled mixing and blending to ensure a seamless soundtrack (along with being prepared for any and every request that might come his or her way over the course of the evening!). Conversely, our DJs will happily take into account a ‘”do not play” list (just in case a guest requests something the happy couple can’t stand!)

Other clients request only a genre, and that’s fine too! In fact this approach gives our DJs more scope for creativity and demonstrating talent. You can kick back, relax and leave them 100% in the driving seat (after all, you’ve probably got enough to think about!) Inviting wedding guests to make requests, either when the invitations go out or during the course of the evening, is a great way of getting friends and family involved, too, and a sure-fire way to convince even the most reluctant on to the dance floor!

5. Reading the crowd

We’ve got a fair bit of experience to draw on here! Since every one of our DJs has been performing regularly for at least five years (and the majority many more than that), and many have done  more weddings (not forgetting the corporate events, fashion shows, festivals, launches, openings, etc.) than they’ve had hot dinners, every one of them is adept at reading peoples faces, feeling the vibe, gauging the reaction, creating and maintaining energy, driving the party….you get the gist!

6. Live saxophonists, violinists, percussionists

For those who really want to stand out from the crowd, check out this blog post which may just convince you to hire a live musician alongside your DJ .

7. Equipment

We can use what is already on site, or supply everything that’s required (and arrange delivery, set-up and removal as standard). Most of our DJs use Traktor controllers such as the Pioneer DDJ-SX2, Traktor F1, Traktor S5. Others favour more classic equipment such as Pioneer CDJs or Technics 1210s. In every case, the equipment is fully PAT tested and certificates can be provided if required (together with insurance certificates).

8. Site visits, meet us, talk to us

There’s a good chance we’ve played at your venue before. Particularly if it’s public and within the M25! But if we haven’t, we are always happy to either visit ahead of time or call the relevant person to discuss optimal booth location, acoustics and lighting-design, any venue-imposed rules or limitations, what’s there already in terms of equipment (if any), and location of power output. We will also ensure that your chosen DJ arrives on site an hour early to set up and answer any last minute questions!

storm djs - why choose a wedding dj
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