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Why use a DJ agency?

Why use a DJ Agency? Planning an event, whether it’s a festival, a club night, a corporate award ceremony or an end of year prom, can be stressful enough to organise without worrying whether you have pitched the music right for your crowd.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why using a DJ agency can avoid entertainment becoming one more thing to agonise over.

  1. Expert Advice
    It’s virtually impossible to please everyone at a party; there’s always going to be someone desperate for a Robbie Williams sing-along or a keen air-guitarist hoping to showcase his talents to his colleagues. Working to your specified budget, an agency will be happy to recommend DJs that will cater to your brief and satisfy the vast majority of guests. Open-Format (or multi-genre) DJs are a safe bet for generic private parties, whereas the opening night of a sophisticated art exhibition or couture fashion show may require minimalist techno: Has anyone ever admired an obscure Damien Hirst or some French lace lingerie with an Abba medley playing in the background? Exactly. An agency brings their experience to the table and will instantly suggest the right artist and soundtrack for the desired atmosphere.
  2. Range of Options
    Whilst the sheer number of artists on and agency’s roster may initially seem daunting (how long will it take to trawl through to find the right one?), with the agency staff’s expert advice and a good dialogue between you, the process should be a breeze. Agencies will generally like to listen carefully to what their clients are trying to achieve with the sound, the demographic the event will be catering to, any particular requests and so on, before shortlisting 3 or 4 available options (within the relevant price bracket) from which the client can select their favourite. Having listened to some mixes and demos, and looked through the videos and photos on the site, it will often just come down a client’s preferred “look”.
  3. Live musicians including saxophonists, violinists and percussionists can sometimes be booked through a DJ agency. Whilst a musician may not have been considered in the original planning of your event, hiring one of these alongside the DJ can be a real showstopper. The perfect means of merging a DJ with an element of live music, the musicians an agency has on their roster will be well versed in the art of accompanying (essentially ad-libbing over the top of) a DJ. You can have this pairing with any genre, from the deepest of house music to the cheesiest of cheesy commercial chart.
  4. Save Time
    There’s no need for you to be embroiled in endless email chains, phone calls and Skype conferences with your DJ in order to ensure you get the music you want on the night. That’s where an agency, acting as the middleman, can save you a whole load of time and energy. Your focus can be returned to the picky eaters and seating plan!
  5. Stress Free
    Being in charge of the office Christmas party can be an immense pressure and although people claim they like to be in control, it is inevitable that something will go wrong a week before the event, cue expletives and a sleepless night or two! Working with an agency allows event organisers to relax. All the admin and paperwork is completed ahead of the event by them. The equipment is organised by them. The DJ is briefed and reminded to show up by them. And, if your chosen artist is taken out unexpectedly with a nasty bout of flu, there will be a replacement waiting in the wings ready to step up. Think of it an an insurance policy! Once the booking is confirmed, all that’s left for you to do is send out the invites and begin planning outfits.

No doubt, there are people who will say, “why use a DJ agency when I can do it all myself?”, and yes, it’s possible. But for industry knowledge; breadth of possibilities; lack of hassle and peace of mind, an agency is definitely the way to go.

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