5 Unique DJ Hire Experiences To Book In 2022

As events are (almost) back to 2019 levels, it’s time to consider the 5 most unique DJ hire experiences to book in 2022. What should you book to make your event stand out from the rest?

1. A DJ & Freestyle Musician

CarFest DJ and Saxophonist - Citroen - Storm DJs hire

This is definitely our most popular choice for people wanting to upgrade from a solo DJ performance. A freestyle musician adds an incredible amount of energy and entertainment, not to mention an added level of ad lib music. The most popular musicians are saxophonists, percussionists, and violinists. (Some customers have booked all three at once to take their DJ performance to the next level!)

2. A DJ in a Land Rover

Hire a DJ in a 4x4 Land rover - Storm DJs Agency

Why not bring in an altogether-crazy alternative to a DJ booth. A DJ in a Land Rover does what it says on the tin: a DJ comes to you in a truck and performs to you from that very same vehicle. We have already had our DJs perform out of various vehicles for car companies, and this is a truly unique concept.

3. A ‘Bring Your Own Vinyl’ Party

To make your event a bit more interactive, the ‘bring your own vinyl‘ party is one where the event customers each bring a few of their own records. The vinyl then gets given to the DJ who will mix it all together throughout the night.

4. Hire a Celebrity DJ

James Haskell DJ Set - Storm DJs 1

Adding a well-known celebrity to any party makes it stand out, but especially when that celebrity is DJing. Unfortunately most celebrity DJs come with a hefty price tag, so you’ve got to be ready to splash the cash. Expect to pay anything from £2k-£10k.

5. Book a Lookalike DJ

The lower-cost alternative to a big-name or celebrity booking where you book a lookalike to impress the crowds. Why not book the fake David Guetta or Paul Hollywood at a hefty discount? Who would know?

If you are interested in any of the above unique DJ hire experiences, or if you have a bespoke DJ request, just get in touch. We are always happy to help.

Hire a DJ in a 4x4 Land rover - Storm DJs Agency
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