Celebrity Lookalike DJs. Events To Remember.

How to Hire a Celebrity Lookalike DJ? Below we have answered all of your questions about booking a lookalike to DJ at your event.

Why book a lookalike?

It will make your event stand-out no end. Will you remember a birthday, wedding, or corporate event where someone unrecognisable is mixing the music? Or are you more likely to have a lasting memory of that time you saw Calvin Harris’ lookalike turn up to DJ?

It will save you a huge amount of money versus booking the real version. With celebrities and very well-known DJs charging tens- or even hundreds of thousands of pounds for a DJ performance, booking the lookalike will seem like an incredible bargain.

It will also usually mean the ‘celebrity’ is actually available! In reality getting a specific celebrity for a specific date can be very hard unless they are booked over a year in advance. Booking the lookalike doesn’t usually need so much notice.

Will they actually be able to DJ?

Some of them will be able to DJ in the same way as our trained DJs. Others will rely on playlists, pre-mixed sets and showmanship (much like the real David Guetta). If you want the best of both worlds we often send out one of our highly-skilled real DJs alongside the lookalike to make sure their music and mixing is perfect for the crowd!

Will they be able to play the music needed for our event?

Yes they are all flexible with regards to required/requested music.

Can the lookalike celebrities do a meet and greet before or after the event?

Yes definitely. Just let us know if you require this when you get in touch with us.

I know Storm is renowned for its DJ and Saxophonist combos, can any of your saxophonists or other musicians perform alongside a lookalike?

Yes! All of our musicians are specialists in freestyling, so they will be able to perform in harmony with whatever music the lookalike is playing.

Which lookalikes do you currently have available?

Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Mr T, Will Smith, Justin Bieber, Boy George, Simon Cowell, 50 Cent and more to come. Let us know if you are after anyone else in particular.

How do I go about booking one of your lookalikes?

Just fill in our standard contact form here, or give us a call on 02080 888 979

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