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The 7 Best Female DJs You Need to Book in 2023

As we progress through the 2023 booking season, we thought it would be worth putting together a list of the 7 best female DJs available to book and who will light up your dancefloor. The female DJs (otherwise know as DJanes on the continent) featured are all highly talented, sought-after, and open-format, meaning they are awesome at mixing up music genres to suit mixed events. Check out the list below:

DJ Franks

DJ Franks - Frank S - Top Female DJ London - Storm DJs Agency Hire 03

Famous for: DJing at Euro2020

Book her for: fun and glamorous events.

Styles: open-format to suit you.

Find out more about Franks here.

DJ Nish

DJ Nish - Female Open-Format Asian Bollywood Bhangra DJ - Storm DJs 01

Famous for: DJing at the BBC

Book her for: every type of party under the sun.

Styles: Open-Format and Bhangra / Bollywood.

Find out more here.

Missy Jay

DJ Missy Jay - Storm DJs Female DJ Hire 03

Famous for: DJing around the world.

Book her for: hotel performances and international residencies.

Styles: open-format to suit you, with an expertise in EDM.

Read more about Missy Jay here.


Famous for: being Nigeria’s award-winning female DJ export.

Book her for: brilliant birthdays.

Styles: open-format to suit you.

Find out about Frizzie here.

King Nandi


Famous for: jetting over from South Africa to perform for Superdry.

Book her for: corporate gatherings.

Styles: open-format to suit everyone.

Find out about King Nandi here.


DJ Fabrizia - Storm DJs Agency London - female

Famous for: being London’s number 1 female Italian DJ

Book her for: happy dance parties.

Styles: open-format to suit you, but tech-house at heart.

Watch our interview with Fabrizia here.

Vinyl Jen

Famous for: always DJing with vinyl.

Book her for: retro-events.

Syles: old-school, funk and disco.

Read more about Vinyl Jen here.

Get in touch with us today if you want to book any of the above DJ options. We will happily help to source the best female DJ for your event.

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