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Where Should I Hire a DJ in 2022?

Where to hire a DJ in 2022? Once you start searching online you’ll find there’s quite a few options, and it can become a bit overwhelming.

We have put together a quick guide below showing your current options in the UK who supply DJs to private and corporate events around the country and beyond.

For ease of use, we have only included registered companies, operating for over 5 years, in alphabetical order.

CompanyExpertise% DJ Focus*EstablishedBooking InterfacePrice RangePublic Reviews
Alive NetworkLive Entertainers3%1999Human£200+
Add2EventGeneral Event Organisation6%2014Human£300+
BarkTrades Marketplace2%2014Machine£100+
Encore MusiciansMusician Hire2%2014Human£150+
Function CentralBand Hire8%2005Human£300+
PopTopEvent Supplier4%2012Machine£50+
Storm DJs®DJs91%2011Human£300+

Questions to ask when choosing from these companies:

Should I book a DJ through an organisation that doesn’t specialise in DJs?

Booking a DJ through a company that might have the majority of its bookings for cleaners and builders such as Bark might be a bit of a gamble because of how unrelated the services are. However you might be able to get a DJ for not much money.

Should I look for the cheapest option?

If you are on an incredibly-restricted budget then the cheapest option will be the best answer. However you usually get what you pay for.

Why not get an event organiser to do it all?

An event organiser is a great solution to find everything for your event in one go. Unfortunately they might not have strong expertise in specific areas.

Do all these companies supply DJs including public liability insurance, DJ equipment insurance, and COVID insurance?

This is something you need to check with the companies you contact. Storm DJs includes all of the above.

Do all of the above vet their DJs to make sure they can perform up to a certain standard?

The less focussed the organisation, the less likely they are to have spent time reviewing particular performers.

Should I bother looking for a company with a human face rather than a machine-run one?

If you want a human touch to your booking then it would be best to avoid the bots!

Get in touch with Storm now if you think we are the right fit for your DJ hire needs. We will be happy to help.

*Calculated based on number of different services offered by each company online.

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