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Bring Your Own Vinyl

We’ve come up with a new concept to offer to our wonderful customers – you’ve heard of Bring Your Own Beer, now it’s time for BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl).

How many times have you gone up to a random DJ and requested your favourite song just to be told “Sorry mate, i ain’t got it” (even though they probably have!). The conversation continues as you beg them to play it through your iPhone because you’ve got it saved on a Spotify playlist, to which the DJ responds with “Honestly pal, I’d love to play it but I don’t have the right cables”. Well now with our BYOV parties, you can play any song you want.

Guests are invited to bring along two of their favourite records, these will then be played by the designated DJ or if you’re feeling brave enough, you can mix them yourself. The DJ will give you a quick step-by-step tutorial to teach you the basics on mixing and then the floor is yours.

Whether you’re reminiscing over rock’n’roll classics, fancy grooving to vintage Motown tracks or want to show off your rare dubplates, BYOV gives you the opportunity to share your favourite songs with your favourite people at any type of party.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in this very unique service and we will let you know the options and pricing. This is not something which is a part of our standard services.

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