New Wedding DJ Trends

The new COVID vaccinations are being well distributed, which means wedding (and wedding DJ) season is hopefully just around the corner… We’ve put together a list of wedding DJ trends we’ve noticed recently, and can hopefully provide some inspiration for anyone who needs it!


Films, TV shows and books can have a massive influence on the decor and theme of a wedding. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding in a church or country manor house, but some people like to get a bit more creative. Stars Wars, Alice in Wonderland and Game of Thrones have become popular themes over the last 5 years (which is a bit concerning as most weddings in GoT end in murder…) and can range from a full blown costume based wedding to simply novelty cakes. Maybe the distant cousins you didn’t want to invite can sit at a table named The Death Star.

Music is key to maintaining the experience and open-format DJs can be as specific or broad as needed. A Gatsby themed wedding might start with some 1920s trad jazz and move through the decades as the evening goes on.


There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of the night and feeling like you didn’t get to dance enough. It’s become fairly common for venues to have sound limits/restrictions after midnight but some people are just getting going by then! We’ve noticed a big increase in the demand for silent disco headphones over the past 12 months and they’re always a hit with the guests. There are two main benefits using silent disco headphones – firstly, you can party all night as there won’t be any external noise and secondly, guests have the choice of two channels to listen to (which leads nicely to the next trend).


Due to the increasing demand of silent disco headphones, we’ve been taking bookings for two DJs for the same wedding. The idea of silent disco headphones is that they allow guests to choose between two channels so you can having one DJ playing 60s rock’n’roll for the older guests while the other DJ spins some 90s r’n’b. DJs tend to have a bit of ego and think they play the best music, so this concept creates a bit of competition in the DJ booth to see who can get the most listeners dancing. You’ll be able to cater all musical tastes while participating in a multi-genre dance-off.


The alternative to a DJ is a live band, but as we know they are more expensive and don’t have access to an entire library of music. For a couple arguing over the final decision, choosing a live musician to play alongside a DJ is the ideal compromise. Saxophonists can play lounge music after the speeches have been made and everyone’s building up the courage to hit the dancefloor or right in the middle of the night to inject some energy to the party. An improvising percussionist creates a groovy atmosphere while a violinist impresses with on-the-fly remixes of your favourite tunes. Our roster boasts extremely talented, classically trained musicians capable of elevating any wedding disco.

If you have any questions about wedding DJ trends and booking a DJ or live musician, please contact us or head to our Instant Calculator

Wedding Saxophonist Paul Dove - Storm DJs Agency
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