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Pfizer vaccine saves the world: Parties & Weddings come storming back, soon.

The partying world can only be grateful for Pfizer: the creators of the vaccine which will (hopefully) bring life for the entertainment world back to some form of normality.

Storm DJs Pfizer Vaccine for COVID Party

What we know so far:

  • It is 90% effective after worldwide trials.
  • The only side-effect is a sore arm and minor fever (like the flu vaccine)
  • It might just be the key to getting proper social gatherings like weddings and parties back again!

So at this stage we can only hope that the Pfizer vaccine is the beginning of the end of COVID’s harsh interruption of proper events with DJs.

Our (optimistic) advice: Easter 2021 should be good to start booking our DJs for your parties. Note that we have a huge backlog of bookings from 2020, so please get in touch as soon as you can to secure your favourite DJ in time. Don’t get your hopes up for any time in 2020. Stay safe and keep doing virtual gigs until everything is vaccinated!

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