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Will Brexit affect my DJ booking?

No! We don’t really understand the pros/cons Brexit (who does?!) but it does not affect on our UK DJ bookings.

A report on the BBC seems to state the European travel will be the same for the next few years and then travellers may require a visa (£6.30 for 3 years). This might have a tiny impact on our European bookings as we may have to include this in their travel costs, but this won’t come into action until 2021 so we have plenty of time to figure out what we’re going to do, as do the politicians!

Anyway, enough about politics, today might be Brexit day but it’s also the end of Dry Jan! Make sure you head out to Ziggy’s Room at Hotel Cafe Royal (W1B 4DY) this weekend to see Jet Boot Jack and Becky Saif in action.

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