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FAQ: Should I choose a DJ or a Band?

Should I choose a DJ or a Band?

As a part of our ongoing Frequently Asked Questions series, we lay out our answers to simple service questions about Storm DJs:

Your question: If live musicians are so good (see previous post), why should I choose a DJ instead of a band?

The answer: DJs are normally cheaper and have more music to play for longer!

The more complete answer: 

Firstly, DJs work out a lot cheaper. A four-piece band performing two 60 minute sets costs around £1,500, or for just £1,000 you could have a 5 hour DJ set plus accompanying saxophonist.

Secondly, DJs have more music. Don’t get me wrong, having a good sing-along with a live band can be really fun but they have only have a limited number of songs. Remember these bands go from wedding to wedding playing the same set but the DJ will play a completely unique performance based on the guests.

So for a fully-rounded package at a one-off event, a professional, dynamic and fully-vetted DJ is likely to be the winning solution offering an mammoth selection of music; a longer performance time; and usually a lower price.

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