Can we request live musicians alongside the DJ?

FAQ: Can we request a drummer, saxophonist, violinist to play alongside the DJ?

The biggest decision for most of our clients is choosing between a DJ or band, I think you know what our answer is! However, for feuding couples a compromise is needed.

Live musicians playing alongside DJs have become increasingly popular thanks to viral videos of saxophonists at Cafe Mambo.

Besides looking really cool, having a live musician adds extra energy to the DJ set and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Essentially they’re creating remixes of your favourite songs on-the-fly!

The main benefit is the price tag. A four-piece band performing two 60 minute sets costs around £1,600! Or for just £1,000 you could have a 5 hour DJ set plus accompanying musician for 3 hours. Bit of a no brainer.

We have a huge selection of great musicians to choose from (, they’re all classically trained in their instrument and combined their skill with a passion for commercial music.

Many of our musicians have travelled the world performing on large stages but also played private garden parties. We’ve had saxophonists at car festivals, percussionists at in-store events and violinists at art galleries. There really is no gig too big or too intimate for them.

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