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Vinyl is here to stay

In the month leading up to Christmas 2016, vinyl out-sold digital downloads for the first time in the UK. At the time, this was thought to be due to gift-giving or starting a new hobby/collection, but record sales have steadily grown over the last few years with manufacturers saying the demand is four times higher than they can process!

Rob Caiger of Charlie Records says “Costs are going up for vinyl in Europe, demand is outstripping supply. We are seeing major labels invest in UK plants because they need to be near where their manufacturing is.” Great news, not only are record sales helping people party but they are having a positive effect on the economy and British industry.

A lot of people contribute the rise of vinyl sales to middle-aged collectors but now it seems millennials and teenagers are getting in on the act. The key is to convert new collectors in to lifetime lovers of the format. Steve Courtnell runs the record store Pie & Vinyl and wants to make sure “that a teenager coming in to buy their first LP is coming back in five years time.” Shop owners, like Steve Courtnell are combining vinyl with cafés or bars to attract more customers.

For Record Store Day we created a list of places to visit, make sure you check out the best stores in your area!


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