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5 Reasons to Hire Female DJs

We have put together a quick list of 5 reasons to hire female DJs. Female DJs are where its at right now, and there are a whole load of reasons why you probably want to go female for your next booking.

Below are 5 reasons to hire female DJs, which must be viewed with a slight tongue-in-cheek attitude!

  1. Increased Glamour and Looks
    Increased Glamour in the DJ Booth - Storm London
    There’s no denying it, female DJs will always look (and smell) better than their male counterparts. A well-groomed male DJ is hard to get hold of! Obviously there are always exceptions to this rule.
  2. Client Service
    Client Service Levels of Female DJs - Storm London
    Generally, the ladies will always be able to present a professional image and relationship with the client. Again this is definitely not applicable to everyone, and we are sure the split is quite close.
  3. Musical Talent
    Musical Talent Female DJs
    We’re not saying there is any difference between male and female DJs on this one, but we are just underlining that DJs of both sexes are fully equal when it comes to musical ability and talent. Never discount the talent of either!
  4. Fewer Diva Antics
    Fewer Diva Antics of Female DJs - Storm London
    With a ridiculous number of ‘star’ male DJs becoming ridiculous divas (see #djscomplaining), it is clear to see that the fairer sex are actually a lot better at working professionally without the complaints.
  5. Less Ego & Attitude
    Less DJ Ego & Attitude - female DJs London
    Finally, probably due to the differences in testosterone levels, the number of female DJs who show ridiculous levels of attitude and inflated egos is very low. Obviously this is another point where exceptions occur!

We hope our 5 reasons to hire female DJs has helped in your DJ booking process. Take a look at our female DJ roster here. If you want to hire a female DJ just get in touch with Storm DJs today.


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