Why Is Pioneer DJ Equipment Out Of Stock in the UK? (Not Brexit, for a change)

Being a key part of the DJ industry for the last 10 years, we have never seen DJ equipment stock issues like this before.

But why is everything seemingly out of stock everywhere?

An easy answer would have been ‘because of Brexit, and the impact on staffing, transportation, petrol logistics etc’. However that’s not the case for DJ gear in 2021.

It’s simply because of the global computer chip shortage. There have been parts delays emanating from persistent capacity issues in the far east, which have then impacted all related industries on a global scale.

From laptops to cars, through to DJ gear, it’s been a serious issue in 2021, which has yet to be resolved.

At Storm DJs it has affected a few of our monthly competition winners, meaning they have had to wait a month or more to receive their prized Pioneer CDJ3000s or DJM900NXS2!

Let’s hope 2022 will bring back some normality in the world of chip-supply meaning DJs and venues can keep buying gear without delay.

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