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Unique Christmas Gifts for DJs in your life

Unique Christmas Presents for DJs

We often get asked by the partners of our DJs: “What should I buy as a gift for my DJ”? So you guessed it, below is our latest and greatest list of recommended presents for you to buy your DJ at Christmas, and any other time you feel kind!

In 2021 there have been some serious supply issues regarding DJ equipment in the UK and around the world, so we have tried to adjust this list for equipment that is actually available to buy(!)

A pair of quality vinyl turntables and mixer

The resurgence of vinyl seems to be never ending, so why not embrace it and get your DJ a couple of DJ-strength turntables and a mixer? It always looks more impressive than a digital set-up.

If money is no object you can still opt for the best of the best Technics 1210s decks along with a Pioneer DJM-S11 mixer. However the white Pioneer PLX-500 are solid and affordable decks and would put a smile on any DJ’s face. Here pictured with the Pioneer DJM-S3 Mixer.

A solid digital DJ controller

There are all sorts of DJ controllers out there, and assuming your favourite bedroom DJ doesn’t already have a controller, you might want to consider gifting him or her one of the below.

Pioneer FLX6

Pioneer DJ Controllers have been the go-to controllers for the majority of our roster over the last 10 years. We are currently big fans of the (currently available) DDJ-FLX6 despite it’s missing inputs.

We would normally still recommend the impressive DDJ-1000 for Rekordbox or Serato, but it is impossible to get hold of right now.

A new pair of proper DJ headphones

A DJ is never complete without a solid pair of headphones, and he or she will never complain about receiving an extra pair for Christmas!

Sennheiser HD25 have been an industry standard amongst the pros for decades now – still rock solid performers but pricey.

The more affordable Audio-Technica ATH-M50X are loved by everyone in the field.

The Chance To Win £6,000 of DJ Gear

Storm DJs Giveaways Competition Winners Draw copy

You could buy your DJ friend an entry (or 3!) into our competition to win £7,000 of DJ equipment. It currently costs peanuts to enter, and might mean you end up handing over an enormous gift!

A unique DJ logo

A personalised, graphic-designer-crafted logo for your DJ is a unique gift to add to their future marketing and branding. Sure this could be considered the budget option, but hey it’s the thought that counts!

The aptly named DJ Logo Design site is the place to go for some excellent packages.

A dynamic production and performance keyboard

If you see a future for your DJ in producing tracks and getting into the charts, this AKAI MPK mini keyboard is a great place to start: super-portable with an endless amount of functions. You just need to couple it with production or performance software such as Ableton, Logic, or Traktor to make it shine.

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