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Can Your Storm DJs Play From Spotify?

Can your DJs play from Spotify? Technically, no (as there is no mixing feature!) but they can use Spotify playlists to prepare for a set.

We recently wrote about Spotify trialling a DJ feature but explained how they will never be able to replicate the energy of a real DJ.

When our clients book with us, we fully encourage as much communication between them and the DJ as possible. We find it very helpful if the client can put together a playlist that the DJ can use as a guideline for the evening. Spotify has a number of ways to help create playlists – they create Daily Mixes based on your taste and the ‘Song Radio’ feature enables you to find endless tracks similar to your favourite.

Remember, our DJs are professionals and have years of experience so will know exactly the right tracks to play. So, the Spotify playlist will be a rough blue print for the party but the DJ will add their own twist. In terms of software and programs, most DJs will either use Serato or Rekordbox.

However, if you strictly want your own tracks mixed live by one of our DJs then they can do that as well! We understand that specific songs have special meaning to each person, and a bride and groom might want to choose all the songs for the evening but have it mixed in a bespoke way. (We also offer recordings of sets so you can listen back to your party!)

Drop us an email ([email protected]) with a link to your Spotify playlist and we’ll get back to you with the right DJ for your event!


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