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Welcome DJ Moreon and Baffa

Moreon & Baffa - Storm DJs


Next up in our Legendary DJ roster additions are the very talented House and Techno DJ duo, DJ MOREON & BAFFA. Hailing from Venezuela, the boys are now based in Barcelona, where their unique house and techno style focused on extended loops & dub sound’s is proving a winning formula.

Emanating from very different backgrounds – dance music radio show hosting and pioneer of the early Venezuelan techno/rave scene, and member of an influential Latin American trip hop / experimental band, respectively – Moreon & Baffa joined forces in an inspired collaboration.

The duo were key players on the underground techno scene during the noughties, become prolific producers of their innovative and avant-garde brand of techno/house. Self-titles “vinyl junkies”, DJ Moreon and Baffa are founders of the vinyl label “Budare”.

After 15 years exploiting the “underground” in South America, Moreon and Baffa have been big news this side of the Atlantic the last few years. See here for more information.

Now taking corporate and private bookings, contact us for details.


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