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Moreon & Baffa

“Geniuses of the Techno Sphere,

Renowned for their Avant-garde Sounds”

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Gustavo Romano & Emidio Falconi, together MOREON & BAFFA, were born and raised in Venezuela. In the late 90s, one of the pair was producer of an underground dance music radio show and devoted member of the early techno/rave scene emerging in the country; the other was part of arguably the most influential trip hop / experimental band in Latin America at the time, Sur Carabela.

Moreon & Baffa were key players on the underground techno scene throughout the early 2000s, leaving South America for Barcelona for 2011. There they started producing immediately, joining forces to share their vision for the techno and house genres.

They are known for espousing a unique, “avant-garde” techno style, and have built a reputation as fearless architects of the DJ art form and self-confessed “vinyl junkies”. Having spent approximately 15 years “underground” in South America, they are now making some serious noise on the continent.



Moreon & Baffa’s demos:


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