Should I use a Mobile Disco or a Top-Rated DJ Agency?

The answer: If you want to use a random tradesperson who your uncle Joe might know, then someone with a name like ‘Barry’s Mobile Disco’ might be the way to go. If you want a reputable, music-focused DJ or artist, then you’ll want to use a top-rated DJ Agency.

A brief overview of what a mobile disco refers to: a mobile disco is usually a one-man-band, or in this case a one-man-disco. We jest when we use names like Barry or Gary, but we are convinced that these names do come up a lot in this profession.

What a mobile disco is not:

  • It is not usually a registered company (although there are always exceptions).
  • A mobile disco is not usually made up of a group of agents looking after hand-picked, skilled and vetted artists.
  • It is not a concept that offers choice.
  • A mobile disco will have little or no customer service or client management.

A DJ agency is as follows: a company made up of several agents who promote and manage bookings for its roster of DJs, while looking after all clients’ needs on behalf of the acts. As with every industry out there, there are always a few fakes and misleading concepts, so it’s always good to shop around.

What a DJ agency is not:

  • A DJ agency should not be confused with a one-size-fits-all service website, which offers everything to everyone, everywhere.
  • A DJ agency is not run by robots. Real-life agents run these companies.
  • A DJ agency is definitely not the cheapest option. A mobile disco is usually going to be cheaper as there are fewer people involved, and may not pay taxes.

To summarise, we think you should book through a top-rated, human-managed, customer-focussed DJ agency if you would like book talent from a menu of impressive DJs. However if you are just looking for someone to play from Spotify and shout into a microphone after each track, then a mobile disco might be the way to go.

At Storm DJs we are evidently biased towards the agency model, however we think it is important that the 2 concepts are explained as fully as can be so that they don’t get confused.

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