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DJ Hire London: A Stress-Free Guide

So you’re planning your event, and you get to the music part. You hastily type DJ Hire London into your preferred search engine, only to find that there are over a million results! What to do with the results?

You’ll normally find the first results in your search are all paid adverts, followed by the organic ones under them.

Within the cluster of somewhat non-professional listings you will also find companies which claim to be agents, but which are basically machine-run listing sites for Tom, Dick, and Harry to advertise themselves on. See Poptop, Bark, and more.

Our recommendation to anyone who is looking for a stress-free way to hire a DJ in London (or anywhere else in the country), is to find a genuine DJ agent which is

  1. a real registered company;
  2. run by humans;
  3. has a wealth of experience in managing DJs and DJ bookings;
  4. a DJ agent, not an ‘everything’ agent;
  5. manages a roster of fully-vetted and talented DJs;
  6. has great customer reviews.

However, if you are after a bit of stress to spice up your day, go ahead and attempt to contact a whole load of the organisations to see what happens…

To find out more about Storm DJs and how we are the UK’s best DJ agency, have a look through the site, and feel free to give us a call. We guarantee we can find you what you are actually looking for if you are searching for DJ hire London.


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