How to Hire a DJ to Record a Mix for You.

So you want to get a professional DJ to record a custom-made DJ mix for you to keep forever. How does it all work?

How to do it?

It’s very easy really. You find the DJ agency or service provider who takes your fancy, then get in touch and let them know what you want in your DJ mix.

For example, you could request a general “House Mix”, a “Pop-Music Mix”, or an “Open-Format Mix” to name but a few genres. Alternatively you could provide a list of some (or all) of the songs that you would like to be included in the DJ mix. You also need to request the length of the mix.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a bespoke DJ mix is available on application. Expect to pay upwards of £50 per hour spent in the studio.

Who should I choose?

The world is your oyster, but the benefits of using Storm DJs are below:

  • You will receive a studio-quality mix, recorded with high-spec mixing equipment.
  • Your mix will be recorded by a professional DJ, meaning there will be no room for error.
  • You can either have us allocate an appropriate DJ to record your mix based on your requirements, or you can choose your preferred DJ from our roster.

Is the mix mine to keep?

Yes, the mix is yours to keep and listen to.

Can I play the mix in a public space?

This will depend on your country’s legislation.

What to watch out for?

You might find some very low-cost services online for DJ mixes. As with most things in life, unfortunately you usually get what you pay for.

Can Storm DJs do VJ video mixes?

Yes we can record video mixes as well as audio mixes. Just get in touch and let us know what you require.

If you’re interested in getting a custom-mix created and recorded for you in a professional DJ studio, the send us an email at [email protected]

Hire a DJ to Record a Mix For You
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