Why should I book a celebrity DJ for my party?

Celebrity DJs are a great choice whether it’s a private party, product launch, corporate event or club night.

The main question is obviously, how much extra do they charge? This all depends on the DJ. A 90 minute set from a reality TV star or radio DJ can cost £2-5k. Many well established celebrities and artists will be priced around £5-10k. And if you have a super sized budget, you can hire world famous DJs for £50-100k.

If you’re keen on hiring a celeb for a ticketed event (i.e. student night or a festival) then their name will be a big draw, so their higher fee will be earned back in ticket sales. The very nature of a famous DJ means they have a large following, so promoting the event will be easy.

In terms of music, a lot of celebs are open format as they play to varied crowds but some specialise in one genre. For example, James Haskell is an expert on all things house music.

Most celebrity DJs have some form of rider or special request. Usually it’s fairly simple – i.e their favourite brand of beer/wine and snacks, but the main part to remember is to get their technical rider organised. DJs can be very particular about their equipment so if they’ve asked for a specific model of decks and there’s a different set on-site it might impair their ability to mix. Another thing to consider is the location of the event, if it’s outside London then accommodation will be expected.

A common alternative is to use a lookalike celebrity, they are much cheaper but still attract punters and it’s still just as fun!

To book a celebrity DJ of any shape or size get in touch now.

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