What to look for when hiring a resident DJ?

A good resident DJ can be hard to find, and being a regular in the same venue can be a difficult (not impossible) task. It really depends on the venue and the crowd. Some customers like seeing the same DJ and building a brand around their regular appearances, whilst others like to keep things fresh and less predictable.

The cost of a resident DJ is dependent on a number of variables; location, set length, equipment needed etc. and a lot of bars will tend to opt for the cheapest bedroom DJ who has been practicing in their room for the last 3 months. However, experience is a huge factor in a successful resident DJ. 

Over time DJs begin to figure out what tracks work at certain times, when the bar peaks in attendance and most importantly what music to stay away from! You don’t want a DJ to clear the venue by playing the wrong thing.

We have a number of residencies across London (including the amazing Ziggy’s Room) and find the best option is to have a rotation of DJs. This way the DJ doesn’t find the gig repetitive and the client gets a fresh face each week. Being part of an agency allows the DJs to share tips and set lists so they can get the dance floor moving from the get-go. 

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