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Storm DJs Review of 2022

It’s time to do a quick review of 2022, in the land of Storm DJs.

After the two worst years ever for DJs of most shapes and sizes (2020 and a lot of 2021), this year was the ‘back to normal’ year for the music industry.

We’re not going to mention anything about global politics, economics, wars, or energy prices! Head over to the Wiki page for a reminder about all of that.

Our key moments (that we can remember) from this year:

  • In-store DJ performances throughout the year for the likes of Armani, Adidas, Conran and Superdry.
  • Our new DJ and Sax residency at Heritage Soho
  • Witnessing the incredible rise of 2 former artists from our roster: TSHA and Hale Zero.
  • A big thanks to all of our roster, but especially DJ Onetrax and Seb Emmins who were the most-booked DJs of the year.
  • Alongside our DJs, our most booked musician for 2022 was saxophonist Matt Pearse.
  • DJ Table Manners‘ notable 2 month residency DJing in the Maldives.
  • The launch of Pioneer’s REV7 controller at the start of the year.
  • The beta and final launch of Serato Stems, giving DJs a huge leap in performance style.
  • Bringing on-board our new Mixmag-featured producer Nickon Faith.
  • Almost reaching £100,000 of DJ prizes given away in our DJ competition, and becoming the most popular DJ competition site in the entire country.


Onwards to 2023 where our DJs are set to fill even more dancefloors across the UK and abroad!

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