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How much does it cost for a DJ per hour?

Question: How much does it cost for a DJ per hour?

Answer: Between £50-£100 per hour for a standard event DJ, and between £500-£5,000 per hour for an in-demand DJ/Producer or Celebrity DJ.


  1. These figures are based upon industry averages for performance pricing.
  2. The costs do not include VAT, or the hire of any equipment.
  3. There is usually a fixed fee for the first 1-2 hours of DJ performance, with each of the following hours being charged at an additional hourly rate. These averages are for the full performance cost.
  4. There are always a few outliers who charge rates which do not fit within this average range.
  5. Prices are in £GBP and applicable to UK performances.

Storm DJs provide a very useful calculator to find out how much an event DJ will cost to perform at your gig. Please email us if you have any questions.

For our more in-depth discussion about DJ costs, please see this article.


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