FAQ: How far in advance should I book a DJ for my event?

To be perfectly honest, there’s no right answer. We’ve taken last minute, on-the-day club bookings and confirmed a wedding 18 months in advance. It really depends on how organised you want to be.

Ideally you want to have everything confirmed 3 months before the event date, this means you get a longer list of DJs to choose from (as you’ll be getting in early) and gives the DJ enough time to prepare.

Once the 50% deposit has been paid, the booking is confirmed and we will send out the DJs contact information 6 weeks prior to the event. We fully encourage clients to create a playlist of ideas for the DJ to use as a guideline.

For weddings it is probably best to have the DJ booked in 6-9 months ahead of the big day, but we have such a large roster of acts that we can accommodate the latest of plans. If there’s been a spontaneous engagement and you’re looking for an urgent DJ, we’ve got it covered.

We appreciate that when planning a wedding there can be a lot of out-going money so for bookings 6+months in advance we only require a 10% deposit. This allows you to confirm your requested DJ and still leave enough money in the account to pay the caterer.

Unsurprisingly most of our corporate Christmas bookings get made in the back end of November so we recommend beating the rush and making contact in September or October. We get it, it’s hard to convince your bosses to sign off on a Christmas party before the clocks have gone back but it’ll save a lot of stress and hassle.

So to summarise, if you know what you want then book as early as possible. But if you’ve had a drop out the day before we will always be there to help!

Contact us on [email protected] for some more information or head to our calculator for an instant quote.

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