What is a DJ? Dinner Jackets or Disc Jockeys?

What is a DJ?

What do these 2 letters stand for? There are 2 key definitions.

Disc Jockey – a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience (per Wikipedia see here).

Dinner Jacket – a semi-formal two or three piece suit for evening wear (per Wikipedia see here).

It should be obvious at this stage that here at Storm DJs we only specialise in filling dancefloors through the hire of music-focussed DJs, rather than hiring out smart clothing for special occasions.

However, the two concepts do sometimes cross-over. We do in fact provide DJs to bespoke events where all the male guests including the performing DJ (if male) are required to wear Dinner Jackets!

If you need a quality DJ (or well-dressed DJ wearing a DJ) to provide the perfect soundtrack for your event or venue get in touch, however if you need to get hold of a tuxedo then you will need to continue your search!

DJ - a definition of the word - disc jockey or dinner jacket
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