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Freshers’ Week Across The UK

It’s freshers’ week and across the country students are out partying every single night! T-shirt cannons, lazers and 2-for-1 offers on Jägerbombs are a feature in every club and our DJs are keeping dancefloors busy until the early hours of the morning.

Is there a better way to spend your first week as an “independent adult” than dancing all night and sleeping all day? Freshers’ week is about meeting new people and creating (or forgetting) embarrassing memories, and we’re there to provide the soundtrack!

Pier Pressure in Aberystwyth has had a very lively start to the academic year thanks to the work of Raf Hale 0 and CeeSix from our roster.

If you’re a bar or club looking to add some energy to your crowds, get in touch and we’ll send out the best in the business!

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