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FAQ: Can Your DJs Perform Outdoors?

We (the UK) had a great summer! Record number of 30+degree days with a World Cup campaign that saw non-football fans donning Harry Kane shirts and singing ‘football’s coming home’ around the office.

2018 set a record for number of outdoor DJs bookings for Storm DJs. People were throwing garden parties, outdoor weddings and businesses were organising summer balls for their staff members.

The answer to the question, ‘can your DJ play outside?’ is a simple YES. But there is one rule – cover the DJ and the DJ’s equipment.

We were fortunate this summer that there wasn’t much rain but it’s best to be prepared so there needs to be some kind of cover over the electrical equipment, basic health and safety. (Also most DJs are used to spending their time in dark nightclubs so can sunburn easily!) Having a full-on marquee at hand could be useful should there be an unforeseen storm or a heavy downpour.

We’ve seen a trend over the last few years of clients booking marquees and tipis for the winter months due to venues not having a late night license. Many venues have a noise limit or cut-off from midnight so people are planning events on their own property to get around this. We have upcoming bookings for outdoor Christmas markets and private birthday parties in marquees, so continue to get in touch for all bookings!


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