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Does Storm DJs Supply DJs To Luxury Resorts?

Can I book a DJ through Storm to perform at a luxury resort in 2022?

Yes indeed you can. It may seem like a very obvious question, however new clients do ask us this.

We regularly send DJs to residency contracts at holiday resorts around the world. These are usually 1-12 months in length, and involve us sending DJs and Musicians to match each venue’s exact requirements.

Despite the blip of 2020/21 we are now supplying luxury resort DJs to all the key hotels in need of performers to manage and mix the required music.

An example: In June 2022 we are sending DJ Table Manners to the Maldives for a 2 month contract.

Get in touch today if you would like to discuss how we can help you find the best British DJ for your luxury resort.

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