Why isn’t Carla Durisch on the Storm DJs roster?

Carla Durisch, a Swiss-born DJ and producer, has rapidly ascended the ranks of the electronic music scene. With her recent debut EP “I Just Wanna Dance”, released under Crosstown Rebels, she has made a significant mark. This EP, featuring the entrancing vocals of Nanghiti, embodies a fusion of uplifting energy and deep, hypnotic rhythms, showcasing Carla’s unique talent and style​​.

A Rising Star in Electronic Music

Carla’s journey in music began in Zurich, where she was heavily influenced by local and international artists like Theo Parrish, Kerri Chandler, and DJ Hell. Her time in Berlin, often considered the ‘Mecca’ of Club Music, further honed her skills and style. This experience is evident in her work, as she has held residencies at prestigious clubs such as Nordstern, Hive, Watergate, and Zukunft​​.

“I Just Wanna Dance” – A Testament to Her Artistry

“I Just Wanna Dance” is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a narrative of Carla’s growth as an artist. Collaborating with friends and mentors like Nanghiti and Seth Troxler, she has crafted a sound that is both innovative and deeply personal. The EP includes tracks like “Be The Thing” and “4AM”, each with its distinct vibe yet contributing to a cohesive artistic statement​​​​.

Why Not Storm DJs?

Now, to address the query: Why isn’t Carla Durisch on the Storm DJs roster? She just isn’t there yet. Have a look out for her in the future. Carla’s future in the music industry looks bright and promising. With more music, merchandise, and performances on the horizon, her focus is on expanding her artistic footprint.

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