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The DJ Roster

Our agency DJ roster list is made up of serious professional entertainers with a wealth of experience from around the world. We can help you with your choice of DJ depending on what you need: the style, the music, the type of event, and anything else which might be required. In any case, we make sure that what we provide fits and exceeds what you require.

Our specially-selected and highly vetted roster of DJs is below. You can order the list based upon the columns, whether you want a premium DJ, female DJ, a DJ who will play all styles of music (open-format / multi-genre), and more. Feel free to have a browse of each artist profile and have a listen to their demo mixes and production work.

DJ Name Style Secondary Style Releases Open-Format Sets Premium Fee Female DJ Page Link
Glu Sound Deep House Ambient Yes Yes No No Glu Sound
Billy Gonzalez Nu Disco House Yes Yes Yes No Billy Gonzalez
Heckner Techno House Yes No Yes No Heckner
Dozzer House EDM No Yes No No Dozzer
Tom Hastings Rock House Yes Yes No No Tom Hastings
CeeSix Hip Hop RnB No Yes No No CeeSix
Fabrizia House Techno Yes Yes No Yes Fabrizia
LIFELIKE Techno Tech House Yes No Yes No LIFELIKE
Ray Keith Drum 'n' Bass Jungle Yes No Yes No Ray Keith
Sak Noel House EDM Yes Yes Yes No Sak Noel
DJ Rap Drum 'n' Bass House Yes Yes Yes Yes Contact us
Joe T Vannelli House Techno Yes No Yes No Joe T Vannelli
Dan McKie House Techno Yes No Yes No Dan McKie
VIKA House EDM No Yes Yes Yes VIKA
Lazy Hammock Ambient Chill-Out No No Yes Yes Contact us
ELITO Techno EDM No No Yes No Contact us
DJ Frizzie Hip Hop AfroBeat No Yes No Yes DJ Frizzie
Jet Boot Jack House Bootlegs Yes Yes No No Jet Boot Jack
Bow & Arrow EDM Prog House No No No No Contact us
B-Trix Kiddo Drum 'n' Bass Hip Hop No Yes Yes Yes Contact us
Karl S. Berg Tech House Deep House Yes No No No Karl S. Berg
RumpSteppers Electro Swing Bass No Yes Yes No RumpSteppers
Luke Sorensen Open Format House No Yes No No Contact us
Rude Jude UKG Bassline Yes No Yes No Rude Jude
TCD Rock Open Format Yes Yes No No TCD
DJ Raj Bhangra Bollywood No Yes Yes No Contact us
Paul Damixie House Chill-Out Yes No Yes No Paul Damixie
Reggie Styles RnB Soul No Yes No No Reggie Styles
VJ Guillaume Clave VJing House No Yes Yes No VJ Guillaume Clave
DJ Rick Hip Hop RnB No Yes No No DJ Rick
Becky Saif House Drum 'n' Bass No No Yes Yes Becky Saif
The Shapeshifters House Yes No Yes No Contact us
Pete Gooding House Yes No Yes No Contact us
Robbie Rivera House Yes No Yes No Contact us
Addictive TV VJing Yes Yes Yes No Addictive TV
Killa Kela Beatbox Hip Hop Yes No Yes No Killa Kela
James Haskell House Commercial No Yes Yes No James Haskell
Elspeth Pierce Open-Format Indie No Yes No Yes Elspeth Pierce
Quentin Mosimann EDM Progressive Yes No Yes No Quentin Mosimann
Robin Skouteris VJing Mashups Yes Yes Yes No Robin Skouteris
Fred Sirieix Reggae Hip Hop No Yes Yes No Fred Sirieix
Raf Hale-0 Open-Format Hip-Hop No Yes No No Raf Hale-0
Nicky Wide House Open-Format Yes No Yes No Nicky Wide
Brinsley Forde Reggae Yes No No No Brinsley Forde
Boogie Pimps House Techno Yes No Yes No Boogie Pimps
DJ FAST Open-Format Yes Yes Yes No DJ FAST
Teisha Matthews (TSHA) Open-Format House No Yes No Yes Teisha Matthews
DJ Frank Open-Format RnB No Yes No No DJ Frankie
Vinyl Jen Open-Format Old-school No Yes No Yes Vinyl Jen
Ivan Berry Open-Format Indie No Yes No No Ivan Berry