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A review of our resident DJs at NYX London

It’s been a wild 18 months for the event industry and the struggles of the hospitality industry have been well documented, but now it seems things are getting back to normal!

NYX Hotel London Holborn opened in May 2021 and we quickly formed a partnership with them. We were given a brief to match the style, atmosphere and ethos of the hotel and put together a roster of options for them. 

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8pm-1am you’ll see one of our amazing DJs spinning tunes in trendy cocktail bar.

Onetrax says “The sound system and lighting is perfect for the venue. Playing a range of old disco from the 70s, moving into deep melodic and funky house fits the atmosphere of lounge-style cocktail bar.”

We think having a rotation of DJs (as opposed to the same DJ every week) is the way to go, this prevents repetition and for the DJ and the client gets a fresh face each week. We’ve all been to those bars before when it’s the same DJ looking uninterested behind the decks playing the same songs. Keep it fresh!

Playing a smooth mix of chillout, lounge and laid back grooves as the sun sets through the windows was a particular highlight” explained DJ:VEK after his first gig at NYX Holborn.

Being part of an agency allows the DJs to share tips and set lists for the residency so there’s an easy transition between DJs. Before her first performance at the hotel, Nish popped along to watch DJ:VEK and get a feel for the space. “Modern decor and vibrant colours, the perfect cocktail bar atmosphere” is how she described it.

DJ Whoppa played on a Saturday night with a livelier clientele “I started with easy background music but ended with some classic house and ‘Ministry of Sound’-style tracks. Nothing too fast but a slightly different feel to a Thursday gig at the venue.”

We have a number of residencies at venues across London with DJs playing a variety of styles for more information or a quote email us on [email protected]


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