Storm DJs Podcast 29: DJ Alex Simmons

Join us for an inspiring episode of Storm DJs Podcasts: The DJ Interviews, as we sit down with the multi-talented DJ Alex Simmons. With over two decades in the industry, Alex has not only shaped electronic music but has also made a significant impact in the world of sports.

From holding residencies at iconic venues like Gatecrasher to co-founding events such as HABIT, Alex’s journey in music has been nothing short of extraordinary. But that’s not all—his work with Sky Sports, Rugby AM, and roles at premier sports events underscore his influence in promoting diversity and inclusion.

In this exclusive interview, DJ Alex Simmons shares his experiences, from performing at Wembley Stadium to his famous boots that are the stuff of legend. He even opens up about the unique and heartfelt aspect of DJing at funerals.

Don’t miss this captivating conversation with a true champion for both music and diversity.

DJ Alex Simmons - Podcast Interview
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