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7 Wedding DJ Concerns: what to consider when booking?

We answer the most common wedding DJ concerns which come up when a newly-engaged couple start the booking process.

How much does a wedding DJ cost?

This is probably the main wedding DJ concern. There are many variables in the price of a DJ, including (but not limited to) date, location, set length and equipment hire. We have a number of wedding DJ packages, the most popular of which is our Prosecco Package. For £595 you will get a professional DJ for 5 hours plus the hire of decks, sound system and lighting. 

Will the DJ have any form of pandemic insurance?

All DJs at Storm DJs come complete with a pandemic guarantee, meaning you will be able to reschedule your wedding DJ an unlimited number of times free of charge. If booking elsewhere, this is something you will need to check before booking.

Will the DJ bring good speakers and lighting?

Our DJs have the highest quality sound systems and lighting rigs. Other pieces of equipment are available on request, such as; disco balls, dance floors, DJ booths, smoke machines. Each DJ uses their own preferred digital controller/decks.

Can the DJ setup before the ceremony?

We are completely flexible and will tailor the booking around your requirements. Setting up can be noisy and might cause interruptions to emotional speeches. We don’t want your wedding DJ to accidentally knock over a collage of the beautiful couple as the groom is vowing his undying love! So perhaps setting up before everyone arrives is worth considering! 

What happens if the DJ won’t play the songs I want?

We will send out the DJs contact information about 4-8 weeks before the event, this allows the DJ enough time to prepare for your special day. We recommend putting together a playlist of 10-20 songs which the wedding DJ can use as a guide throughout the night (remember to highlight any must haves!). If a DJ is playing a song you don’t enjoy, the chances are it’s because a guest has requested it! Our DJs are very personable and chatty, so feel free to speak to them and let them know they should ignore the drunk Uncle’s favourite tunes. 

Will the DJ be fussy about the food we provide?

Not at all! In most cases our DJs won’t require food, but if it’s longer than 4-5 hours it would be nice if you could offer some snacks and refreshments. You don’t need to worry about arranging a 3 course meal with cheese, cake, coffee and goodie-bag!

The venue has a sound limit: will this ruin the music?

A lot of venues ask for the music to be below a certain DB level after midnight, but not to worry, the DJ has full control of the sound levels so can adjust when needed. Another option to consider is silent disco headphones, this concept has become increasingly popular and is a great way to keep the party going until the early hours of the morning.

Does the wedding DJ have the relevant insurance documents for the venue?

Yes! All our DJs are professional and have their equipment PAT Tested (with certificates) and possess Public Liability Insurance. We can also produce Risk Assessment documents if needed (it’s all a bit boring but necessary!).

We’ve covered all the most popular wedding DJ concerns and hopefully settled your nerves. If you have any other worries please feel free to let us know. For a bespoke quote, just email us, and for information on our wedding DJ packages, click here.

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