Post-Pandemic Party Planning

As we keep reassuring everyone out there, this pandemic is going to come to an end. The key thing to remember is that it will happen. At that point there will be a lot to celebrate, and potentially a lot of parties to host and attend.

When will this Coronavirus thing end?

How long is a piece of string? At this stage no-one can be sure, but we’ll be sure to get the party started again as soon as it’s safe.

When will we be able to party again?

As soon as we get governmental sign-off! If you’re hoping for a date, our best guess would be September 2020, but you never know.

When should we plan our wedding for?

Based upon our best guess above, at this stage we wouldn’t advise planning anything earlier than September 2020.

Can I currently make a booking through Storm DJs?

Yes you can: just send over the details of whatever you require and we’ll make sure we find you the perfect solution.

Can I reschedule the booking if the pandemic keeps going?

Yes indeed. Rescheduling is a standard policy offered by Storm DJs given the circumstances.

Given the pandemic and the potential effect on people’s financial situation, do you have any discount options?

Yes, as always we offer a budget service whereby you tell us how much you have available to spend, and we find you the best DJ to fit your restricted budget automatically.

What should I look out for in supplier contracts going forward?

We advise that you make sure wherever you book that the cancellation terms are crystal clear! Additionally make sure you check for anything relating to ‘force majeure’ to cover occurrences similar to pandemics. You also ideally need to make sure that there is a guarantee of being able to reschedule your booked event in these circumstances.

Will the whole world turn into one great big party once this is all over?

We hope so yes!

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